Author: Lisa Parker


With shows cancelled, I only have two that are still scheduled in October. I had been preparing cases and getting new displays ready, so needless to say, I am disappointed in not being able to use them, as well as

Plexiglass Cases

I am almost finished with my new plexiglass cases. I just need to finish the edges and take the film off of them. Andy is building new tops to my cabinets to make sure the cases are secure and don’t

Earring Display Prototype

The new earring display design is coming along. The whole thing will be on a lazy-susan mechanism, so it will still swivel.  The first photo is the prototype all in plywood. The second photo will have the same 3-Form resin

New Work Coming Soon!

I had a photo session today and new bracelets, earrings and rings will be listed soon! I have also added a choice of Fluorite or Angel Aura Quartz to the Meditation Sculptures. ALSO scheduled is a bracelet sale scheduled for

Slight Delay

I have experienced a slight delay in creating new products due to this extremely cute distraction! We unexpectedly adopted a new 1 yr old cat that came into my life at my mom’s house while visiting this past week. He

Covid-19 protocols

Just an update on the covid-19 situation. I am open for business online and following the recommended CDC guidelines. Your safety is of the utmost importance to me, and I will take every precaution in getting your item(s) ready to


Welcome to my first ever blog! I thought this might be helpful in communicating covid-19 protocols, updates to the current situation, and other changes and adaptations I will be making. So please check back regularly for updates and other info.