Beaded Handmade Earrings Add Touch of Class

Add a touch of class to any outfit with Lisa’s collection of handmade earrings. Pink rubies, aquamarines, and pearls are just a few of the semi-precious stones and glass beads that adorn the one-of-a-kind creations from Pittsburgh artisan Lisa Parker.

Handcrafted with sterling silver, titanium, niobium, and argentium, you can exude confidence knowing your earrings are unlike anything else out there. You’ll never encounter another person wearing the exact same pair the way you do with mass-produced commercial jewelry pieces. That’s just one of the many benefits of investing in artisan earrings.

Artisan earrings for every wardrobe

The styling possibilities are endless when you invest in handmade earrings. Pair turquoise gems with distressed denim for an eclectic boho vibe. Let sleek amethyst stud earrings bring modern panache to a crisp blazer. Layer mixed metals and stones for a runway-ready look that showcases your fashion prowess.

Not finding what you need in the showroom to create a truly iconic ensemble? Ask about Lisa’s custom-designed handcrafted earrings when you stop by to visit. She’ll work with you to design the perfect pair of artisan earrings that match your personality and style. 


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