Lisa Parker

About On The Rocks Designs Handcrafted Jewelry of Pittsburgh

Founded in 2007, On The Rocks Designs LLC focuses on creating one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. The name of the business is as unique as the handcrafted jewelry found in its Etna showroom. It was inspired by its founder’s lament over changing her name when she got married.

When Lisa Parker heard a commercial for the liqueur “Disaronno” on the rocks, it sounded so like her maiden name (Lisa Wrona) that she was instantly inspired. The business name pays tribute to the artistic heritage of her family’s talents and namesake.

Originally appearing only in local craft fairs and juried art fairs, On The Rocks Designs evolved to a fixed storefront in April 2023. The permanent location allows for more freedom with an on-site custom design studio.

Visitors to the 335 Butler Street storefront in Etna can find genuinely unique sculptural jewelry and miniature organic sculptures crafted from sterling silver, anodized titanium, recycled materials, and hand-selected, one-of-a-kind stones. Custom-designed pieces are available on request. Every design is exclusive, allowing for greater freedom to explore.

Lisa’s work is inspired by nature and the different stones she selects for each piece. She draws inspiration from Art Nouveau and pairs it with her background in graphic design. Making each piece of jewelry or sculpture genuinely one-of-a-kind is a central principle of her work. That commitment allows her to explore and bounce back and forth between different styles, techniques, and elements that prevent falling into a creative rut.

Lost wax casting is one of Lisa’s favorite processes because of the unique fluidity it brings to metal jewelry. Her cast handcrafted jewelry pieces contain approximately 50% recycled sterling, which allows her to pursue operating a sustainable business.

Lisa Parker of On The Rocks Design showcases her handcrafted jewelry from her Pittsburgh showroom.Meet the Handcrafted Jewelry Artist – Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker is never afraid to experiment with creating something new. Her goal in designing original pieces of wearable art is to make you feel confident in knowing that you have something that no one else has. Combined with a sense of confidence, you can feel exceptional and energetic as you head out into the world with your artisan jewelry on full display.

As a child, Lisa was always drawing or making something. In high school, she learned how to make jewelry and had a 3D art course that further piqued her interest.  Lisa credits her high school art teacher as an influential force in her desire to refine her artisanal skills.

She double majored in Studio and Fine Art at the University of Pittsburgh, concentrating on graphic design and sculpture. It was during her college years that she discovered the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts had jewelry-making classes. Lisa signed up for the Lost Wax Casting class and started making handcrafted jewelry as a hobby while working full-time as a graphic designer.

In 2006, Lisa traded her full-time graphic design career for her real passion – artisan jewelry. She started showcasing her creations at craft and art fairs before transitioning to her new location at 335 Butler Street in Etna.  

Stop by the studio to meet Lisa and explore her handcrafted jewelry and miniature organic sculpture collections.