Leather Cord Necklaces and Chain

Handcrafted Leather Cord Necklaces That Are Decidedly You

Unleash your bold, edgy spirit with handcrafted leather cord necklaces that blend rugged textures with an undeniably chic vibe. Designed by Pittsburgh artisan Lisa Parker, each piece intertwines supple leathers with eye-catching metal accents into a wearable masterpiece.

Choose from one of our cocktail-style handmade necklaces or metal mixer pendants. Can’t decide which style you like best? Mix and match them for a fun and casual accessory.

Leather cord artisan necklaces are the life of the party

With their laid-back opulence and modern edginess, leather cord artisan necklaces are designed to be the life of the party.

Choose from the 3mm black leather cord necklaces with a hinged bail to create your own cocktail necklace or our 10mm wide chokers in black beaded leather, black cork, or blue camouflage suede to make any outfit fun and flirty.

Whether sipping cocktails al fresco or enjoying nightcaps with friends, these handmade accessories effortlessly give any ensemble a touch of rebellious luxe.

How to care for your artisan leather cord necklace

While durable, Lisa’s handmade necklaces deserve a little TLC to keep them looking their finest. Avoid submerging the leather or suede in water. Instead, gently wipe them with a soft cloth. Ask Lisa about the best way to care for the metals when you purchase your necklace. 

Don’t panic if your handmade leather cord necklace needs repairs. Simply bring it to the showroom for servicing. 

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