Discover Miniature Handcrafted Sculptures for Any Occasion

On The Rocks Designs breathes new life into discarded materials with unique 2D and 3D handcrafted art pieces. Lisa Parker, the artisan behind the designs, transforms recycled and upcycled items into one-of-a-kind miniature handcrafted sculptures perfect for any occasion.

Handmade artwork in the meditation sculptures is inspired by the artist’s visits to Bean Hollow Beach on the California coast and the vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.

How handcrafted art is created

Lisa is passionate about sustainability at On The Rocks Designs. Ordinary discards undergo an extraordinary transformation into miniature masterworks brimming with hidden layers and lifelike intricacies.

She takes materials that inspire her and brainstorms a concept that turns raw items into brilliant pieces of art. The beauty of creating handcrafted art using this method is that no two miniature handmade sculptures are alike.

Why choose eco-friendly upcycled miniature handcrafted art

There’s an additional benefit to choosing handcrafted art made from recycled and upcycled materials besides reducing waste. Found objects common to upcycled artwork come with a unique story behind them. You’re not just buying miniature handcrafted art. You’re getting a one-of-a-kind treasure that is sure to provide lasting value.

On The Rocks Designs offers distinct charm and authenticity not found with mass-produced sculptures. Each piece carries a unique history and character, infused with the craftsmanship and imagination of the artist.

Choose from any of the miniature handcrafted sculptures listed below or stop by the showroom at 355 Butler Street in Etna to request a custom design.

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