On The Rocks

Discover Handpicked Gemstone Treasures

The On The Rocks Collection features one-of-a-kind handmade necklaces created from handpicked stones that serve as the centerpiece of this wearable art.

Each stone is surrounded by a sterling silver design cast to fit perfectly. An easy-to-close sterling silver lobster clasp and two inches of extender chain with bead accents make these handcrafted necklaces from Pittsburgh artisan Lisa Parker fashionable and adjustable.

Handmade pendants are strung on sterling silver chains for a timeless look and feel or a supple leather cord to invoke a rustic, bohemian spirit.

You can choose from the pieces in the Etna showroom or request a custom-designed artisan necklace that fits your personality and style.

Why choose handmade artisan necklaces

Handmade artisan necklaces allow you to embrace true individuality. Unlike assembly-line jewelry, each pendant and chain are handcrafted by skilled Pittsburgh artisan, Lisa Parker,  using centuries-old techniques that produce truly unique designs.

Purchasing a piece from the On The Rocks Collection is an investment in craftsmanship and sustainability. The natural stones featured in each handcrafted necklace in the Pittsburgh showroom were responsibly gathered.

How to style your handcrafted necklaces

With their natural gemstones and mixed metal accents, handcrafted necklaces from Lisa’s collection become the focal point of any outfit. They provide an earthy burst of color and texture to uplift denim, complement sleek basics, or add an edgy touch to romantic florals or bold patterns.

Boho fashionistas can let their free spirits shine through by layering several colorful gemstones at varying lengths from the collection. Pair them with flowy maxi dresses, tanks, or slouchy sweaters.

There’s no wrong way to wear one of these handcrafted necklaces, so stop by the  Pittsburgh showroom to check out available options. 

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