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What is Ruthenium?


I often use sterling silver chain that has been plated with this metal and thought you might like to know a bit more. This metal is also known to be hypoallergenic. Here are the highlights from the website, www.chemistryexplained.com.

"Ruthenium, belongs in the platinum group of metals. The elements in this group are named after the best known member of the group, platinum. The platinum metals tend to be somewhat rare and valuable. They are also called precious metals. The platinum metals also tend to have bright, shiny surfaces and high melting points, boiling points, and densities."

"One important use of ruthenium is in the manufacture of alloys.... It is sometimes added to titanium to make that metal more resistant to corrosion (rusting). Only 0.1 percent of ruthenium in titanium makes titanium a hundred times more corrosion resistant."

"An alloy is made by melting and mixing two or more metals. Ruthenium adds two properties to an alloy. First, it makes the alloy hard. Second, it makes the alloy resistant to attack by oxygen and other materials."

Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/P-T/Ruthenium.html#ixzz39jdQW2rt

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